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About Grizzly Sam

About your guide

Your host and guide Sammy has been hunting for over 40 years.  Game in South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Kansas and Canadian Provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and Russia fear him.  Sammy says "if the outfitters you are going to hunt with haven't personally harvested record book animals then how can he possibly guide you to get yours?"

Having harvested numerous Boone & Crockett, Pope & Young animals, Sammy has brought in such diverse trophies as Wolves, Mountain Goats, Mountain Loins, Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Wild Boars, Turkeys, over 60 Black Bears and an occasional fish.  Having a vast knowledge of hunting and the outdoors explains why his hunts are so successful and his clients are so very happy.  His goal is for every hunter to take home the kill of their dreams.

What is the Grizzly Sam advantage?  His intimate knowledge of his hunting grounds enables him to select stands sites months in advance  In accordance with Kansas Laws Sammy then baits every 5 to 7 days for over a month before the season and continues thru the end of the season.  More than 2,000 pounds of corn has been on site before the first hunter ever sits in the stand.

We always have multiple stands for our hunters.  We use bow stands, ladder stands, tripods and enclosed shooting houses with heat.  Sammy will personally select your stand according to the wind direction and deer movement.  One guest related this tale of woe to Sammy about a previous Kansas hunt he took with another guide.  With 28 hunters in camp, there were only had 28 stands.  The only time he could change stands was when another hunter had a kill, creating an opening.  He was further disappointed when only 6 deer were harvested between all 28 hunters.  At Grizzly Sam's, we can select between any of our 30 baited stands for the 8 to 9 hunters we book for each rifle hunt.  And the average distance between our stands is about 5 miles, so you won't be bothered by a fellow hunter.  That's why we confidently offer 100% multiple shooting opportunities.

Sammy's hands-on approach makes each hunter's experience successful, memorable, and one he will want to repeat.  In order to meet these goals, Sammy does not carry large numbers of hunters, he wants only quality animals harvested and with fewer hunters the quality remains the same year after year.

Sam is happiest when you harvest your trophy.  You will also enjoy the thrill of going home with a trophy.  Call and book early, as our limited number of hunter slots fill up quickly.

Call me (864) 978-8238 to start your trophy whitetail deer hunt of a lifetime

Sammy Schrimsher

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