Grizzly Sam kansas whitetail deer
GrizzlySam whitetail deer

Kansas Deer Hunting Dates

Available Dates 2021 Season:

Kansas Whitetail Deer Hunting Seasons are brief, the hunting is intense.  100% shooting opportunities are guaranteed.

We furnish lodging including linens, meals, transportation to and from the hunting sites, and a variety of stands – bow, tripod, ladder and enclosed heated shooting houses.  We also retrieve harvested deer.  Taxidermy services are available to handle your trophy.  Pickup at Wichita airport can be arranged.

Plan to arive the afternoon of the day before your whitetail hunting adventure begins.

2021 Deer Application Deadlines:

Nonresident Deer Permit Draw:
Applicants must apply online from April 1 thru April 24, 2022 or apply by phone 1-800-918-2877.
Kansas is a draw state. We will help you fill out your application. If you do not get a draw, we will refund your deposit or put it on the next year's hunt.

Archery/Bow Hunts 6 - days $3,800

8 hunters or fewer per hunt

First Bow hunt -
Second Bow hunt -
Third Bow hunt -
Fourth Bow hunt -
Fifth Bow hunt -

Rifle Hunts 5½ - days $3,800

9 hunters or fewer per hunt

First Rifle hunt - noon
Second Rifle hunt - noon

Note: Reservations are confirmed after deposits are received.

GrizzlySam kansas whitetail deer 2012 GrizzlySam kansas whitetail deer GrizzlySam kansas whitetail deer 2012