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Being a deer hunter from Pennsylvania for 46 years, I thought I knew everything there was to scoring a big buck. 7 years ago I had the opportunity to meet Sammy and it was a rude awakening.  I quickly realized I didn’t know “jack” about hunting deer. I’m talking about serious deer hunting.  For 7 years now, hunting with Sammy, I have a 100% harvest rate of whitetail.  My buck count with Sammy has already exceeded that achieved in all those years in Pa.  I never thought I’d be put into a position where I’d let nice quality buck walk by, waiting for a better one (this never happened in Pa).  The quality of his deer are superior.  Freezer is always full. Sammy is the greatest!

Stan K.

Testimonial by Stan K.

I had a great time hunting with Sammy for these past 6 years.  Sammy is a wealth of knowledge when it come hunting for deer.  He will place you where you will see quality deer and you will. I feel Sammy treats everyone with respect and I have no reservations in recommending him as your guide.  But,
I will warn you and any prospective hunters
... Be prepared to HUNT !!
... Get in Shape !!! Hunting with Sammy will be worth it.

Art V.

Testimonial by Art V.

I have had the privilege to know and hunt with Sammy for the last 12 years. I have been successful to harvest many trophy's over those years.  My trophy room is filled with mounts and memories of past hunts that I won't soon forget.  I can honestly say Sammy is one of the hardest working outfitters in the nation to secure every hunter with the absolute best opportunity to view and choose from several shooter bucks that Sammy 's management program has come to be known for.  Whether it's hunting in central Kansas or in the upstate of South Carolina, you can rely on Sammy to make sure your hunt is full of exciting moments, not just in the stand but also fellowship around the camp.

Oh by the way, that's me and my trophy deer to the bottom right.

Bruce B
South Carolina

Testimonial by Bruce B.

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